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About the Seal

The Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) symbolizes integrity and good performance through continuing governance reform and sustained local development. It is a progressive assessment system adopted by the Department of the Interior and Local Government to give distinction to remarkable local government performance across several areas:

Financial Administration - The practice of LGU accountability and transparency by adherence to accounting and auditing standards and compliance with the Full Disclosure Policy (Good Financial Housekeeping); sound management of resources (Financial Performance); and optimal utilization of available mechanisms and resources to support local development (Financing Development).

Disaster Preparedness –Proactive LGU actions to prepare for disasters through mobilization of local DRRM structures and systems; development and/or implementation of appropriate programs and plans and the use of funds provided; building competencies of concerned personnel; and ensuring operational readiness with the availability of equipage, supplies and other resources intended for early warning and/or response.

Social Protection – LGU actions to respond to the needs of disadvantaged sectors like women, children, senior citizens, indigenous peoples and persons with disability (PWDs), urban poor, among others, by managing facilities or services that cater to their needs such as residential care facilities; providing support to basic education and accessibility features in local government buildings; enhancing means of  social welfare services; providing housing; and ensuring participation of the sector(s) in local special bodies and in the local Sanggunian.

Peace and Order – LGU efforts in maintaining peace and order with the implementation of activities and providing support mechanisms to protect constituents from threats to life and security; and ensuring drug-free communities.

Business-Friendliness and Competitiveness – LGU actions to bring about business and employment opportunities through systems, structures and/ or legislation to support local economic development.

Environmental Protection - LGU efforts in safeguarding the integrity of the environment with initial focus on the compliance with the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.

Tourism, Culture and the Arts – LGU efforts to promote and develop the local tourism industry, preserve and enrich cultural heritage, and advance creativity through local support.


Vision, Mission and Core Values


A strongly determined and highly trusted department committed to capacitate and nurture local government units, public order and safety institutions, to sustain peacful, progressive, and resilient communities where peope live happily.



The Department shall promote peace and order, ensure public safety, strengthen capability of local government units through active people participation and a professionalized corps of civil servants.


Core Values


Integrity and Trust

Sense of Commitment


Lead by Example


Team Spirit

III. Goals & Objectives


Peaceful, safe, self-reliant and development-dominated communities
Improve performance of local governments in governance, administration, social and economic development and environmental management.
Sustain peace and order condition and ensure public safety.


  1. Reduce crime incidents and improve crime solution efficiency.
  2. Improve jail management and penology services.
  3. Improve fire protection services.
  4. Continue professionalization of PNP, BFP and BJMP personnel and services.
  5. Enhance LGU capacities to improve their performance and enable them to effectively and efficiently deliver services to their constituents.
  6. Continue to initiate policy reforms in support of local autonomy